A new service is taking on the route between Canberra and Sydney, offering timely and cost-effective transfers, without the risk of delays and cancellations.

Road Jet offers private, door-to-door transfers between to the two cities, operating 24 hours a day, all in your own comfort and privacy and you can even stay connected, with no airplane mode required.

Co-owner Fiza Ijaz was inspired to start the business back when she was living in Canberra, and commuting to Sydney often.

“I used to do the trip two times a week, usually by air, and there were always so many cancellations and delays, especially during the winter months because of the fog,” she said.

“We wanted to give people a more reliable option.”

There are three Road Jet options – the standard service in a family sized sedan, which can be booked for one to four people, the XL service with room for one to six people with extra luggage space, or the premium service for a trip in a luxurious vehicle.

“To go by air, you pay a premium price flying in or out of Canberra because it is a capital city, and if you have to go urgently, the prices get even higher,” she said.

“With our transfers, you can split the cost when more than one person is traveling. You only need to purchase one Road Jet ticket instead of purchasing multiple airline tickets and we also save you travel costs to and from the airport.”

The Road Jet service is also an option for those traveling internationally out of Sydney.

“People often fly up to Sydney a day early if they’ve got a morning international flight to ensure they avoid cancellations or delays which could mean they miss their flight. Even I have missed an international connection in Sydney because of a delayed flight from Canberra,” she said.

“Once you add in the price of a hotel room or two for the night, the cost really starts to add up. Instead, you could just be driven up on the morning of your flight, and Road Jet is a 24-hour service, so we can get you there no matter what time the flight is.”

Road Jet is registered with Access Canberra in the ACT and Point to Point in NSW, currently employing 20 drivers in Canberra and 30 drivers in Sydney, and all drivers have had their required background checks.

Fiza said that when you do the maths, it’s actually one of the fastest ways to get between Canberra and Sydney.

“While a flight may only take 55 minutes in the air, when you add in the hour minimum you need to be at the Airport beforehand, plus the travel time to the Airport, and then to your destination at the other end, you’re looking at approximately 3 hours or more,” she said.

“Even though a bus trip is similar driving time but total travel time is longer because you first need to get to the bus station and further arrive approximately 20 to 30minutes prior to departure. Even then it only takes you to the Airport or Central Station – then you have to make your own way to your final destination.

“We provide a door to door service, whether that’s your home or office or wherever is convenient for you which saves you unnecessary traveling and queuing time, focusing on getting you to your destination faster”

All Road Jet transfers can be booked online at roadjet.com.au.

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